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Am I ready to do this work?

I think that I will know that I am competent in the theoretical foundation and its techniques when I can practice them naturally with out thinking about it or over questioning my actions. I find my self to be a little eclectic but am drawn to a person-centered approach. I think that helping a client to see the whole picture of their life is very important to their healing. This material has certainly affected me in the since that it has cause me to question and reflect on a lot of my past and present experiences having an alcoholic father. I am not sure that I could effectively work with all clients who have addictions. I think that I am still mad at my father and I would not want that transference to come out on to my clients. Also I think that I have a low tolerance for addicted individuals because I do not want to be stuck on the mary-go-round with them. I do think that I can me hopeful but I am also a very realistic individual and I do not like to be nor would I want to set anyone up for failure.

Youth Dinking or Naw

Thinking back I was never interested in using substance that were not legal for people my age as a young person. On occasions I would have a sip of a drink that my parents had but I did not ever really want to drink. I did not really start drinking till later in college. As a teenage I had friends who were interested in and were participating in drinking. I just always made the choice to be the sober person. I still don’t think that I would engage in liquor or drugs if I was a teenager now. I try to encourage my students to make choices that are appropriate to their lives. I think that generally I try to encourage healthy behaviors in their lives. I am not sure that there was one person who told me not to use drugs or alcohol. I think that I made the decision based off of my experience with my father. I just didn’t want to be like him.N

Shopping and Eating… I’m Happy Oh My!

I am not sure that I have any full-blown addictions, but I do have a few bad habits. For certain I am an impulse buyer and an emotional eater. I am an individual who makes lists and I like to complete them. Sometime the easiest things to complete are the purchase. I often make them with out thinking about the affects that could come from it or how it affects my budget. Making the purchases is not quite sensual but it does alleviate my anxiety and put me at ease be cause I like to have all of the things that I need. As far as the eating goes, I have strong cravings or I get emotional and need something to sooth me. The food is not only satisfying but it also makes me feel a lot better. Even thought it may seem temporary I usually become more positive after I eat and am able to go in and conquer the situation at put me in the mood. Over all both of these behaviors have primarily cost me time and money. I often want to have a small amount of three different things from three different stores and it requires travel time and money. Just yesterday I had food from a burger place and Dunkin Donuts. Ultimately, I just need to be mindful about the behaviors and do my best to think about the effects of the actions before I engage in them.

Process Addictions

Being a child of an alcoholic and growing up in the home with my addict father has influenced my personal biases on addiction as a whole. But until now I never thought about what it could be like if a person had an addiction that was strictly behavioral and not necessarily chemical in nature. I guess that I project all of my same feelings because of my experience with my father. I think that the behaviors or actions that are considered process addictions to me seem to be primarily just actions that happen in everyday life. Because I have witnessed them come to fruition I can see how sex, shopping, and gambling can become addicting behavior because they provide a way to be free from everyday life.

I don’t think that I am likely to label a behavior a full blown addiction until it be comes debilitating and it consumes someone’s life. All adults have the prerogative to engage in any behavior they chose but they should keep in mind how healthy the behaviors are. I think that the ultimate goal for any clinician is for their clients to be healthy biologically, psychologically, and emotionally. I think that my beliefs that certain behaviors are bad helps to guide what I want to see my clients do. Also it helps in the development of treatments to guide clients away from addictive behaviors.

12 Step Treatments

I have truly drunk the 12 kool-aid. I think that it is a phenomenal program and the parts of it that I would incorporate into my life are the spirituality and the need learn about who I am. I think that it is important to acknowledge that the universe plays a great role in our lives and that with out acknowledging God and his higher power it will be difficult to reach your goals. The other part that I would incorporate would be to know and learn about myself. I think that figuring our who I am is an ever ongoing battle. Every time I think that I know I realize I have no idea.


In general, I really enjoy structure and order and I like that the 12 step program provides the individual structure to follow in the healing process. I also like that 12 step process is highlights the individual at the center of their care and development with in the organization while having constant support from the other individuals in the organization. I like using the individuals personal testimony and giving them a concept or general overview that they can incorporate into their lives for healing.

To Be or Not to Be… Counselor or Client

“… we get so involved in the role of counselor that we sometimes forget the client inside us. It can become habit to separate ourselves from our clients with a sense of self-righteousness that we do not have the problems they do.


I think that as counselors we often feel that it is our job to fix our clients and that if we don’t we have somehow failed. I think that we often operate in our work with our clients to the point that that we forget to take care of ourselves. Just like our clients we all have problems. I know that I do. There are times when I get depressed, stressed out and overwhelmed. There are times when I need to use and find strategies to help myself. I think that being in a counseling program and being honest with myself has helped me significantly as a constant reminder that I have many problems and that I can overcome them. I think the idea and concept that I am not perfect and just like them I also need to be ok with accepting help and making changes to myself. No matter what if you are the client or the provider it is important that recognize that all of us are on a path of wellness.


I am not sure that I am for or against the use of prescription drugs in the treatment of patients with addictions. It does seem like an oxymoron to treat an addict with other drugs, expect in the case that the other disorder is the primary for treatment. If depression was the primary psychological problem using drugs to regulate the clients mood could be helpful. Helpful in away where the clients able to recognize their other destructive behaviors because their mood is more balanced. I do not believe that this is the most effective form of treatment for every client and I think that the decision to use prescription drugs with a client must be taken on a case by case basis. Also if the decision is made to use prescription drugs a strong team should be formed to work with the client and monitor usage.

If you have been under a lot of stress, resulting in overuse of self-control resources, this fatigue may have led to ineffective coping strategies. Has this ever happened to you? What were the circumstances?

This certainly has happened to me.  The goings on in life are very stressful and we do not alway respond in the best way. When I am stressed I often eat emotionally, become withdrawn, sluggish, and don’t even depressed. This summer has been a prime example of that. My home life has been plagued with a lot of unwarranted stress from deaths in the family to finding a job. Often, I feel almost a little bit depressed. From the summer I have learned that it is important for me to pull myself above the situation. I have to focus on my goals and motivate myself which usually helps me to rise above my feelings and situation.